Terms and Conditions Governing the Usage of this Website:

General Introduction:

This set of terms and conditions covers every single URL published under the “Granite Fitness” banner. This includes every subdomain and subdirectory of GraniteFitness.com.au, as well as every domain name that redirects to any subdirectory of GraniteFitness.com.au.

Furthermore, it also includes other external sites that operate under the Granite Fitness banner. This includes the official Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media sites that represent not only Granite Fitness, but its products as well.

Visitors to any of the pages listed above are bound by the terms of this agreement, as well as the clauses stated in the Privacy Policy. Please exit from this website if you do not agree to any clause on this page or the Privacy Policy.

Granite Fitness has the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, add or remove any term or condition contained herein without notice or liability to you or any other person. Any changes to these Terms of Use shall be effectively immediately following the posting of such changes on this website.

Should there be any queries, please contact the webmaster on the “Contact Us” page of this website.

Copyright Notice

The content presented on the Granite Fitness website as well as other sites and accounts managed by Granite Fitness, including but not limited to text, images, tables, and other graphics are Copyright of Granite Fitness as recognised by international Copyright law. The only exceptions to these are stock photos, themes, music and various images used, of which Granite Fitness holds an appropriate commercial license but does not claim Copyright over.

Users of Granite Fitness agree not to save or transmit contents for the purposes of modification for personal or other commercial usage. Users, however, may request permission to use images or content with the expressed permission of Granite Fitness. In general, permission will be granted upon request, as long as the purpose for usage of such content is not deemed inappropriate.

There are, of course, exceptions to the paragraphs printed above.

Affiliate marketers have nearly unrestricted access to non-paid content of Granite Fitness, as long as the purpose for downloading or transmission of content is for affiliate marketing and gaining commission directly from Granite Fitness.

Users of Granite Fitness are allowed to, and in fact encouraged to like, share, retweet, follow and subscribe to posts, status updates and social media sites run by Granite Fitness. However, in such cases, the user agrees to link the shared or tweeted content back to the appropriate website or social media account run by Granite Fitness.

Users are allowed to use the blog post contents of Granite Fitness in part or in full, subject to two conditions. The first condition is that the blog post content should not be repurposed or “spun” either manually or with the assistance of online or offline software. The second condition is that posts on social media or a user’s personal blog should be legibly and conspicuously credited to Granite Fitness with a link back to the source.

Liability Clause for Advice Presented on this Website

Some products created and promoted by Granite Fitness contain psychology, dietary and/or fitness-related advice. These include, but are not limited to, digital books, blog posts, and videos promoted on the websites.

The advice provided in these books, blog posts, videos and articles is meant to lead regular people towards better health. However, these pieces of advice do not override any advice provided by a medical, mental health, nutritionist or other health professional. Each individual’s personal circumstance is unique, and this might impact upon their capability to perform certain tasks.

Granite Fitness cannot be held responsible for any mishaps, injuries or death caused by individuals or groups that have followed its advice if it contravenes instructions from other health professionals.

Liability Clause for Physical Products on this Website

The following paragraph refer to the physical products that are available for sale on the Granite Fitness website, as well as external physical products that are promoted on Granite Fitness either as a form of goodwill or via Affiliate Marketing programs.

Users and purchasers of these physical products agree indemnify Granite Fitness from any lawsuits or compensation resulting from accidents or mishaps resulting from the use of these products. Granite Fitness will provide reasonable information and guidelines for the safe usage of each physical product represented under its banner. In the case of products that are not directly sold by Granite Fitness, it is the responsibility of the supplier to provide such information.

Terms and Conditions of Product Purchase

The following paragraphs relate specifically to customers and clients of any product sold on Granite Fitness, either as an original product or an affiliate product.

Payment Systems – Website Purchases

Products sold directly on the Granite Fitness website will utilise PayPal as its default payment system. Users are able to make payment via their PayPal account or Debit/Credit cards via this payment merchant.

Granite Fitness agrees to set up the payment system in such a manner that the amount debited by the user matches the payment button on the product checkout icon. Unless stated otherwise, all transactions are conducted in US Dollars.

Customers whose banks or PayPal accounts contain other currencies agree to abide by PayPal’s conversion rates, which should be explicitly declared by PayPal during the checkout process. Granite Fitness does not have any authority over the currency exchange rates.

Granite Fitness agrees to do everything in its power to keep the site and payment system secure. These include security measures put in place by PayPal and Host Gator – which is the web hosting company of the Granite Fitness website. However, users are advised that in the case of security breaches, Granite Fitness cannot be held accountable for any such mishaps.

Payment Systems – Affiliate Sites

As part of its promotion efforts, Granite Fitness engages the assistance of marketing affiliates for some of its product lines. Affiliates earn a huge commission from the sale of Granite Fitness products as a result of their efforts.

Each affiliate program commissioned by Granite Fitness uses its own unique system to process payment. These systems may differ from the payment system described in the previous section. Users understand that purchases via the affiliate program may differ from direct sales from the Granite Fitness website.

Should the purchase take place from affiliate websites not managed by Granite Fitness, users agree to abide by the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the affiliate websites. Granite Fitness cannot be held accountable for any misinformation published on sites that are not run by Granite Fitness.

Digital Product Distribution

Upon purchase of a digital product, including products sold as part of a package or solution, Granite Fitness is responsible for ensuring that the customer has adequate avenues to download and access the material. This includes a valid link to the download page. Granite Fitness will do everything in its power to ensure that the user is able to fully download the material at least once.

Granite Fitness is transparent with the formats of its digital products. Unless stated otherwise, product downloads will be in the form of a Zip File. Digital books and manuals will be available in PDF format. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that s/he has the appropriate software to allow access to these products. Programs to unzip Zip files and allow PDFs to be read can be downloaded for free from the internet.

In the case of membership sites and video-based fitness programs, Granite Fitness agrees to permit users adequate access to the material for the duration stated on the advertising medium of the product. In some cases this access is indefinite. In such a scenario, Granite Fitness will inform users whenever a change of access point occurs, subject to the user ensuring that their email address on the mailing list is kept up-to-date.

Some video programs that are sold on the Granite Fitness website are presented on a URL hosted by YouTube. This website might not be accessible from certain countries. The user agrees that the onus is on them, and not Granite Fitness, to ensure that they have adequate access to YouTube in order to view the content.

Digital Products – Usage Terms

The usage terms of each digital product is outlined on its sales page and has been made explicitly clear at different avenues. Most of the digital products come with a personal use license, which means that it is for the purchaser’s personal use only. This means that the user agrees not to distribute or transmit the product files or product link with any other external party, including websites and forums.

Some digital products come with a license that allows the user to share the files. In such cases, the user is free to distribute the files to personal contacts.

Digital Product Distribution – Affiliate Marketing

On occasion, Granite Fitness might promote other digital products to potential and existing customers. In such cases, Granite Fitness is not responsible for ensuring that the purchaser is able to access the digital product adequately. The purchaser understands that in such cases, Granite Fitness simply acts as an intermediary, and therefore cannot be held liable for failures on the part of the product creator.

Physical Product Distribution

Upon purchase of a physical product, including products sold as part of a package or solution, Granite Fitness, as well as its partner sourcing company, is responsible for the shipping process. Granite Fitness agrees to provide adequate proof of initiating the shipping process from the storage facility to the customer.

Customers in Australia and other selected countries are eligible for an express shipping service that come with a tracking number. This is the result of an agreement that was established between Granite Fitness and the sourcing company of the physical products.

Shipping of physical products are expected to range between ten days and six weeks from the time it is shipped out of the storage facility. Customers in Australia and Asia can expect their purchase to arrive within a shorter time frame compared to customers from other areas in the world.

Insurance for the physical products is provided by the sourcing and shipping companies. Should a mishap occur, Granite Fitness will inform customers of the delay as a fresh physical product will need to be shipped to the customer.

As part of the purchase agreement, customers are required to provide a suitable shipping contract and contact number during the payment process. These details will be passed onto Granite Fitness from PayPal.

Granite Fitness agrees that customers’ personal details will only be used for legitimate purposes. Granite Fitness also agrees to not share these details with any other party except those that require this information for the purposes of shipping the physical products. These include the sourcing company, the shipping company and the logistics company.

Customers agree to ensure that they have provided an accurate shipping address and contact number for the physical product. Shipping returns and redistributions are costly, and customers agree to cover the cost of this process if delivery failure resulted from the provision of incorrect or incomplete details.

Physical Product Distribution – Affiliate Marketing

On occasion, Granite Fitness might promote other physical products to potential and existing customers. In such cases, the purchaser understands that the distribution and shipping process is the responsibility of the purchaser and the product creator. Granite Fitness simply acts as an intermediary, and therefore cannot be held liable for failures on the part of the product creator.

Warranties – Damaged Goods

Granite Fitness recognises that from time to time, physical products might arrive in a less than satisfactory condition. In such scenarios, the product is covered by insurance by the sourcing and shipping companies.

In order to have a new set of the product resent, customer has to provide adequate proof that the damage occurred during the shipping process. To do this, please provide photographic evidence and send it immediately to Granite Fitness. Upon receiving photographic evidence, Granite Fitness will contact the sourcing company and advice the subsequent course of action to the customer.

Warranties – Customer Discretion

Most of the products sold by Granite Fitness come with a warranty/money-back guarantee that lasts either 30 or 60 days. This allows the user assess the suitability of the product purchased. If the user is genuinely dissatisfied with the purchase, s/he is entitled to a full refund of the cost of the digital products.

The procedure for the refund is straightforward and transparent. Users who wish to get a refund should contact Granite Fitness to do so. The user should provide the date and details of the purchase, and ideally also provide a reason for wanting the refund.

Although requests for refunds will be entertained, the user agrees to give Granite Fitness an opportunity to understand the reason for the refund. This information will be used to improve future versions of the product.

Users who have successfully obtained the refund also agree to not distribute the digital product files or links to external parties or transmission mediums.

In the case where the purchase was a fitness solution that includes physical products, the amount refunded will be the full cost of the purchase less the original “valued” cost of the physical products, as stated on the sales page of the website.

Results of Product Use

Granite Fitness cannot be held accountable for the results or lack thereof from following the advice or using its products. Customers understand that proper weight loss and fitness results from having a strong mindset, a sound nutritional plan and a solid workout plan.

However, the reality is that some people who purchase Granite Fitness, or any other fitness product simply do not implement the plans provided in the digital books, or use the physical products adequately. In such scenarios, typical results will be Zero. Similarly, customers who are already at a low BMI and/or already leading a healthy lifestyle should not expect to lose a lot of weight.

Privacy Policy

Granite Fitness agrees to respect the privacy of every individual who leaves his/her details on the Granite Fitness website. A more detailed privacy can be found on the Privacy Policy.

Overall Policy

The general policy governing the use of the Granite Fitness website is that the user agrees to indemnify the owners and operators of Granite Fitness to any lawsuits.

Any queries about the Terms and Conditions regarding the use of this website should be directed at us.

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